Download Youtube Playlist with youtube-dl


To download a full playlist from Youtube with youtube-dl do the following: -A -t -c “”

-A makes youtube-dl auto-number the files downloaded in order (0001, 0002, …)

-t uses the title page, otherwise the file name will be non-understandable

-c continues in case of failure

In case your playlist url is something like: transform it into the format: otherwise you’ll get an error.

One can specific also the quality of the video by using the -fmt FMT or –max-quality=FMT where FMT is number as can be seen here, 34 is 360p, 35 480p, 37 is 1080p …

youtube-dl can be installed in your Linux distro using the normal package managers or you can download it by hand to your favorite directory from here. On this directory executing youtube-dl -U makes the script get auto-updated to the latest version – important because sometimes Youtube changes things that make elder versions of the script not work.



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    Google Chrome 13.0.782.107 Linux

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